Update news and new Eco plugin!


        As many of you now know, we have updated the server to Minecraft 1.2. In doing this, we have like always lost many of our favorite plugins!  It’s close to a year now since we started the a2z sever and in that time we’ve had over 20,000 players join the server. We now boast more than 7,300 “Regulars” – that’s a pretty fair amount! It’s also an insane amount of data. Our “minecraft” folder is now over 15 gigs, that’s a lotta bananas! As always we do our VERY BEST to keep all of this information up to date, stable and working for our players. 

         With the server updates and Bukkit updates from 1.0 to 1.2, we have lost quite a few bits of very important information. First and foremost, all of your mcMMO stats have been reset. This has happened for two reasons, first being that mcMMO has updated a few times since we’ve installed it and some code has changed and the second reason is mcMMO will now be saving via a “Mysql” database (we are no longer using the “Flat File” system). This should greatly improve server restart times and all around performance as well as keep stats much more secure for future updates. It will also enable us to provide a “Web Stat” page so players can view and compare their stats right on our website!  (mcMMo and webstats will be re-installed sometime tomorrow the 5th). 

          The second plugin to take a big it was iConomy, it seems iConomy won’t be updating or will be doing so at a slower rate. We have decieded to abandon iConomy and KTShops. They’re no longer working or being updated and seem to be addition plugins we just don’t need! One of our servers “Core” plugins is Essentials.  We use it for many things. Essentials also happens to have a built in economy system. This is the system we have chosen to adopt for use on our server. The Essentials Team is very active and constantly working on their plugin. The main market “Server shop” has already been converted to the new economy/shop system. The Commands for the new eco system are almost the same. You’ll use /money to check your balance as you did before, but now to pay another member you’ll just need to use the /Pay commands I.E. /Pay Joecia82 100 would give me a 100 coin ;).  Donating Members, you’ll need to re-configure your shops! The new system may seem a bit complex at first, but I assure you it will be much easier to work with once you get the hang of it. This system is sign based and only so you won’t need to clutter your shops with chests, all of your items to be sold are stored right “In” the sign. Setting a shop up the first time can be a bit confusing if you click here, you can find a basic picture of how your signs should and will look. If you click here, you’ll find a video on a few different options for setting your shop up!

          If you’re a regular or donating member on our server and have lost all of your coin in the update, please leave a comment on this post letting us know your IN GAME NAME and your previous balance. This will save us a mess of time looking through our old backups and avoid granting coin to players that no longer play with us. Please give Jay and myself at least a day or two to sort out all of the payments due. If you’ve lost any “BuyCraft” related enchanted tools, please leave note of that in the comments also. We would like to take the to thank you all for your penitence during the update. We’re working as fast as possible to get everything back up and running as smooth as you’ve all come to expect from the a2z team! Please take the time in-game to thank the staff and help desk workers. They are here long hours and work only for the few petty coin/bacon rations a2z provide! – Thanks everyone and don’t forget to leave a comment and please remember to include your IN GAME NAME!  P.S. If you’re a donating member and are able to fly (Diamond + or higher) you can download the new release of Zombemod right here.