New city

July 26, 2014 in General

First off, at this time staff is still working on trying to finish up minor details, we dont have bank open, we have not refunded money yet. NOTHING FROM THE TEMP WORLD WILL TRANSFER!!!!! AGAIN NOTHING FROM TEMP WORLD WILL TRANSFER! As soon as we get regions we will allow you into your bank slots. You cannot claim plots until you have cash in had to buy them. Asking a million questions to staff will NOT make all of this get done any faster, quite the opposite in fact. Share this to all of your a2z friends. We will notify you when you can access money and bank and when you can buy plots. BE PATIENT PEOPLE!


Thank you,

More info regarding Mojang EULA and the changes it brings to a2z

July 22, 2014 in General

So yes I know the server is off. I dont know why. I cant fix it however it is possible (we can cross our fingers that it is) the host. They dont really give notice they just do it. I cant even get Console up.

That being said you should also be aware that Friday the 25th we will be cancelling ALL of the donators ranks. After that date there will be no more donators. We are not at this time accepting donations (really why would we see the date for us cancelling?)

As always I will keep you as informed as possible. When I know you know.




Server is down

July 13, 2014 in General

Hey guys its that time again! We staff have the server offline so we can do some maintenance. Tomorrow will more than likely yield down time as well as the host will be doing what they need to do. We will notify everyone via here on the website when we are back up and running.


UPDATE: Ok so we have been working all morning on getting a city made. Its as done as it is going to get until we release. Now we are NOT allowing you on it until the Host is done with the stuff they have to do tomorrow and possibly Tuesday. Tomorrow and Tuesday there is a HIGH CHANCE of the server being completely offline, this would be the perfect time for you to go learn what that Real Life disease is all about and discover new ways to prevent catching it.

We will have a TEMPORARY server up for you guys. NOTHING on it will be saved (no inventories, no builds, nothing) it is simply for you loves to have a place for today. I will try to keep you posted on everything as info becomes available. Check here often!!!!


Thank you for your patience!!


MrsB and all the staff!!

FAQ’s about upcoming reset

July 8, 2014 in General

So there has been quite a few questions regarding the upcoming reset so I am hoping by posting this it will help answer some of those questions.

  • Will Money reset?
    More than likely, however we will (I will) have a copy of the soft coin financials and will manually reset it
  • Will McMMo reset?
    More than likely, but the fun is in leveling right?! Right? Yeah I know it sucks…
  • Will Seascape come with the new world?
  • Where can I find these elusive bank warps everyone speaks so much about?
    There are 3 warp signs for your convenience…If you /spawn you can look (without moving your person) to the left, right or turn around and directly behind you…all the signs are literally right at spawn like you dont have to move at all if you choose not to…
  • City reset? OMG What does that mean?!
    Ok so short answer…it means we will have a new city, that being said I dont (and my staff dont) have time to make one from scratch so we will be taking everything we use (at least for now) from the current city. *Please note: this means new plots, we will NOT be refunding for plots or floating houses*
  • So…will the wild reset?
    Did you read the original blog post? You can refresh your knowledge on that here. There will be a new wild and new set up and everything will be new and different.
  • What will happen to Creative World?
    Creative world will no longer be. We have loved and appreciated it for a long time but it has run its course. According to Mojangs EULA we cant have a world that is not accessible to all and frankly the last thing I want to do is release a bunch of visitors loose with creative mode…even if its only in one world. That just spells disaster to the staff and I. I will link shortly the Q&A and Follow up Q&A from EULA at the end of this blog.
  • Will my XP bar reset?
    More than likely…again it sucks and we are sorry but sometimes things happen.
  • Will my player inventory reset?
    There is a reason we are offering FREE bank slots for all. It will MORE THAN LIKELY reset…
  • Will my Enderchest inventory reset?
    See player inventory reset
  • Will we get new biomes?
    We use a random generator, so we hope so!!! It would be fun to get to play in the new stuff right!!! *Note: This means we will be trying to go up to 1.7.9 (YAY!!)
  • What about my Donator Rank?
    Due to the changes to the EULA (note I will be linking later in this blog for that) we will no longer be able to receive money for the perks. Please feel free to cancel your subscriptions. We have appreciated all of your dedication and love for a2z. We hope that this will keep you guys and gals around, the server wouldnt be the same without each of you.
  • What about my claimblocks?
    Since we can no longer sell them to you, we will more than likely be doing away with them (this is subject to change as we have not fully discussed and made a decision on this) we will keep you up to date on this as we know.
  • So without further ado…the links for the Q&A and Follow up Q&A.

We do appreciate everything all of you have done to be such an amazing part of such an amazing community. Our server is as great as it is because of each of you. You all make us glad to run such an amazing server. We appreciate your patience, dedication, and understanding as we work to comply with Mojang’s changes.

Please talk to or message via PM or /mail send Mrsbye (Me) or MrsKliper for a bank slot if you still need one.

Again we seriously are proud to say we are part of such an amazing community with all of you. It wouldnt be the same without you loves!!

Thank you again for your patience and understanding as we sort through these changes!! (We will be doing more in the near future)



Mojang’s EULA changes

July 1, 2014 in General

So Hi guys its been a while. Myself and the owners with the help of the staff are working on trying to comply with Mojangs new regulations. In order to do that we have to have a few MAJOR changes one of such being shrinking of the city and wild (at least for now). That means everyone needs to get a bank slot (if you havent already). Each slot contains 4 double chests. This is all you will be allowed to bring with you from current city and wild to the new one. We will be resetting on July 13th, that means the bank will be up until July 12th. On the 13th the server will be down for a bit while we generate a wild and form a city.

Your bank slots are accessible to you and staff ONLY and we are only having 1 person per slot. IF you store non legit items in these slots staff will remove them.

Some other changes include but are not limited to:

  • No creative world *see Mojangs website for q&a’s regarding donations
  • As of right now donator perks will be changing, we are working that out
  • Server shop on the website will be closing down soon

The above are the only things we know for sure. You can. if you choose, cancel your donations until we figure out how we are moving forward with the donators.

In this matter we request your patience as this is not something any of us staff are taking lightly. We are all working hard to keep a2z for all of you. Mojang is just not helping matter.  Keep in mind we are unhappy as well and are losing all of our stuff just like you. Main difference is the extra work we are putting in to keep the server up for you. Any harassment of the staff in this matter will yield a ban of 14 days.

Thank you all for being a part of our community and for your patience, we understand your frustrations but please remember we wouldnt be doing this if Mojang was not forcing our hands.