Server is running 1.1!

January 16, 2012 in General

We have installed a almost stable version of Bukkit for 1.1. The server is up now and it’s safe to update your clients. We may run into some bugs with this DEV build, if you find anything wrong please let someone know right away! Thank you, hope to see you all in game!

Server is running 1.1!


    1. JIVES 2001 says:

      i am so board other peoples servers are boring and single player is not so fun i want to be on minecrafta2z server.

    2. JIVES 2001 says:

      if i was ban i am sory for what i did i hope its not perminent because i like this server very much

    3. JIVES 2001 says:

      with all respect i dont know why it says bye bye when i enter was i ban? why?

    4. Quinn says:

      Thats wonderful, but when will i be unbanned? I’ve been on the ban list for FOUR MONTHS. I want an APPEAL!

    5. Joe says:

      Well if you haven’t downloaded it in the past…You can’t, until the site is back up. I’ll have a look around and see if I can find you a client.

    6. toby says:

      Thank you for your very quick responses Joe:)
      So 1 more ? How do I play via the client?

    7. Joe says:

      Oh man! That’s whack! is down. You’ll have to play via the client or wait out the SOPA protest. I think Mojang planned on shutting site down for 24 hours!

    8. toby says:

      Hi Joe,
      i already am a donator too a2z.I was talking about when i go too the minecraft website i just get these huge letters saying “pipa and sopa? how about nopa?” i can’t log in or anything

    9. toby says:

      How do i get past this sopa nopa thing??
      i tried registering but they ask for bloody donations
      Please help

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Server is running 1.1!

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