Our new Stop Motion (Super Mario Land!)

November 28, 2011 in Builds, Video

We have been working on this over the past few weeks and were pretty happy with how it has come out. Hope you all enjoy it and like the noteblock audio that so many people requested in the past! If your interested in knowing how we made it check out the making of video found here :)

Our new Stop Motion (Super Mario Land!)


    1. [...] Minecrafta2z comes this impressive stop motion recreation of the Game Boy‘s Super Mario Land in Minecraft. [...]

    2. [...] You get one hell of an impressive spectacle—you get Minecraft Super Mario Land in Stop Motion. [...]

    3. [...] [Minecrafta2z via Kotaku and Engadget] [...]

    4. Sam Vogel says:

      I..i feel a tear welling up in my eye…that was just..soo..amazing -sob-
      Haha amazing as usual =]
      Thank you for that! this made my day.
      And my Week.
      And possibly my month.

    5. Kayaloha says:

      OK now i have to get out my gameboy !!!

    6. Declan says:

      Epic as per usual :) let’s have a guess at how many new members we will get tomorrow?!

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